06 September 2007

Carnivals vs. Hurricanes

Tomorrow morning the fam and I leave for a fun filled 8 day Carnival Cruise in the Caribbean Islands. For those living under rocks, the region is currently between Hurricanes in the middle of the season. Felix (who ironically is the name of @ least three family members on my fathers side) and Henriette have just tag-teamed Mexico worst than a pair of linebackers and an Olsen twin. Not to mention Felix, who, if we're staying within the relms of explicitness, is the Peter North of the Atlantic. No wonder my dad got a fuckin' deal on this cruise. 'Tis the season...

So to commemorate my potential death, I've decided to post a pair of mix's I did back before graduating (of which I finally got my official notice that I didn't lie to my parents). Both were recorded in Foniks' room on his TTX's, Rane mixer, and Velanche's Stanton C303 CD players. Notice that none of this is or ever was mine. Thanks guys! I couldn't have done it w/out you!

The first one, if I remember correctly, only Brooke and Brian have copies of. I think it was my first time messing around with the loop function on the CD players and I was going crazy. Have fun though, there are some true jems within!

Haircut Mix

The second was done completely vinyl inbetween classes one day. I just ashed a roach and decided to make myself something to listen to on the bus ride to school. You all should recognize the tracks as they were all major hits. The first track I actually posted last sunday. Holla at'cha boy if you're feelin' the pinoy!

House Mini Mix

Finally, I just have to say that Armand Van Helden has always been and forever will be my favorite DJ. When I interviewed for KCPR back in Janurary 2003 (HELLLLLLLA days), they told me to list 5 artists that I think they hadn't heard of and that I was listening to in my CD player. I said Armand Van Helden, Daft Punk, Derrick Carter, Felix the House Cat, and Maurio Picotto. My guilty pleasure answer was Jamiroquai. They only heard of Jamiroquai. Now I'm not rubbin' in anybody's faces or nothin', but I think I started the whole "dance" scene at that station. Velanche was the one that turned me on and now there are some fuckin' sick ass DJs comin' out, each with their own styles. The one thing we've all got in common is that we spin what we love no matter what anybody else says. Fuck the dude-bra's, play that rave shit in the club and we'll see what happens! Back to schoolers don't miss out on the first KCPR party of the year, usually the 3rd weekend after school starts. That shit always goes off hardcore. Frat-parties ain't got nothin' on this scene.

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Lauren said...

I want you to know that my cousin and sister also have your Haircut Mix (and whoever they copied it for)...