05 September 2007

"Kenny Dope's scratching is so dope."

So its been kinda slow the past week @ my 9-to-5... so to pass the downtime between press-checks I text the Decknicians and further my addiction to classic disco and house singles. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the up-and-coming electro, twitch-ass glitch-house, and baby-making b-more; but I just can't get enough of the shit that started it all. There's something about hearing those classic hooks to bring me back to when I first started listening to music. Anyways, the other night, Mawkus sent me a message: "Kenny Dope's scratching is so dope." He usually sends me these texts between the hours of 1-4 in the morning on week days. The kid never sleeps. Interns in SB. Born in the V. Special guest apperances in SLO. Now residency in SD?!? Damn this fool HUSTLES. Anyways, Kenny Dope is 1/2 of Masters at Work with Lil' Louis Vega. House heads should know all about this track. If its your first time, it won't be your last time.

Kenny Dope - I Wanna Know

Be on the look out for a new contributer to this site... Foniks will soon be apart of the club91 team. He'll bring everything he's got with his MPC. Maybe even a few cullinary magic tricks...

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