24 October 2010

Club 91 on KCPR with Velanche in the MIx

Ah, the best-laid plans.

Due to some scheduling snafus, the guest DJ that I thought I had scheduled for this week didn't get the notice of said changes. Last week's DJ, Nikoo, was going to take the spot this week, but got bumped up a week when the DJ originally scheduled for that date backed out.

So instead of me starting off with a one-hour set, you'll have me for three. In the end, things worked out nicely. I think the set and the music selection are pretty solid, so I hope you enjoy the tunes and the mix. There's no playlist this week, but there were bunches of unreleased goodies included in my set.

Thanks to all of the listeners supporting the show. Do tell your friends to add themselves to the show's Facebook Page, and do subscribe to the podcast to cop the show every week. Otherwise, don't forget to click on the title link above to download this week's broadcast.

Back next week with guest DJ Athelias, as well as co-host Johnny. Have a good week, wherever you are in the world.


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