08 November 2007

"Your mom is so ugly, she goes to UCSD."

So I haven't updated in a while seeing as how school has devoured my life. But because of this, I've somehow managed to still keep up with my mixtape-listening game. If there's one thing I do on a daily basis, it's just straight up listening to mixtapes. I'm a fiend for this shit, real talk. Albums and singles are always there but mixtapes are something special. I can go on about this shit. Anyway, I recently re-discovered this mixtape I would sneakily listen to at work back in the day, when I wasn't helping customers find the latest Lil' Rob album. The tracklist of this mixtape is deep. I'm talkin' Jodeci, R. Kelly back when he was R. Kelly & The Public Service Announcement, Teddy Pendergrass, SWV, Delfonics, etc. I could keep going on but you guys just need to cop this mixtape and listen to it with your lady. It's hosted by Alicia Keys which adds unique flavor compared to all the other heavily plugged mixtapes. G-Unit Radio Part 2033? They made too many. Their shit was weak. Lil' Wayne mixtapes? Those pass, I guess...

Here's the mixtape I had on heavy rotation this summer. The remixes and edits Benzi does just blow my mind. Dude hustles the industry like no one else. For all you aspiring DJs that wanna get their grind on in the top 40 mainstream game, get on his DJ service. It's the realest DJ service out there. Here's some cuts off this mixtape.

Modjo - Lady (Mano Remix)

RBL Posse - Bammer Weed (Superfriendz Remix)

Swizz Beats - Money in the Bank (Benzi Refix)

Oh yeah and if you're near a computer Friday night (between 8-10pm PST), listen to my radio show online broadcast from UCSD's station, KSDT. First hour will be all the deep, bobbleheaded music. Purple turtle! The other hour will be that party music.


Velanche said...

Mawkus is back on the radio...right on! Show the SD peeps how it's done.

Mel F said...

Dats whats up. Benzi's Sean Kingston mix. In my car right now. HOLLA HOLLA