23 October 2007

Devil winds

So, for those not in the know, there have been fires all over southern california. I lost count while watching the news and they are evacuating people from towns. I happened to be out in the area near the fires hanging out with my roommate in the house she was taking care of for a few days. We were chillin at the poolside and came indoors to find that every news channel was broadcasting updates on wildfires that were being pumped up due to the Santa Ana winds, or Devil winds as some call them.

Anyways, in a mostly unrelated story, I spent all day picking pine needles off of a x-mas tree for an Audi commercial today. Big ups to my man Gary for hookin some cash flow up. We sat in a park (which had also caught ablaze back in May apparently) and took leaves off of fucking x-mas trees while somewhere close to or in excess of 1200 acres had gone up in flames in surrounding areas. I came home, started messing with some samples on my MPC and made this track. My first track that has been posted on the internet. Finally, after a ridiculous amount of time has passed where I said I was going to put something on the internet, it happened. So, without further ado, I give you a beat with the only name I could think of at that moment in time: Santa Ana. I apologize for the file size, but I like quality, and the piece of donkey hole program I use to "edit" (I use that term very Very loosely) stuff I record straight off my MPC didn't export a 128-bit mp3 without sounding a little off. Enjoy it, knowing that the winds we sometimes embrace at night feed the fires that grow here outside of Los Angeles.

For Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/2457980-a67

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Mawkus said...

Make that shit accessible to the peoples. Cut the password and put it on real blast.