21 October 2007

Two Radio Mixes...One Day...Biaaaatch!

Overall, my mixing skills are coming together. I'm very pleased. It's not perfect, but I'm to the point now where I'm where I want to be; where I can drop whatever I want into the mix, and can do it. Soon, I'll move on to learn hip-hop mixing, something I didn't want to do until I was confident enough with my mixes to go forward.

I've been procrastinating with mixes I owe for three overseas radio shows, and a person who did me a favor....that's two years procrastinating! I have no excuse, except that I've been struggling on and off with gaining mucho confidence to do polished, flawless mixes. Now I'm almost there, though, so I need to put out, as Foniks, Mawkus and Loco keep telling me.

I have to say that I'm really fortunate to have a mix show, because it forces me to not suck! Fortunately, I never had anyone call the phones, send me email, or tell me in my face that my mixing sucked, but I knew I had my days. Especially when I wasn't practicing, I was trying to balance that with my other obligations.

Well I didn't get to practice this week, either...just too much to do and a lot of catching up to accomplish. So no mixing on Urban Landscapes last Thursday (decided to drop a couple of guest mixes instead), but yesterday...Saturday....I more than made up for things witih a two-fer.

Yesterday morning (Saturday 20 October), I filled in for DJ Sasquatch on his Electronic Immersions radio show. So ended up getting my studio monitor (a real godsend for helping to ensure that my mixes flow smoothly), two bags of records, and other various accessories...and left the computer at home. Yep that's right, it was time to pull out some of my favorite records, some I've never mixed in before on any show. The day was gorgeous, and I decided to try and spin sort of a summery vibe. I stumbled a little in the beginning, and found that I had to fix the needle on one of the cartridges (which is why you'll hear the first and third song kinda funny-sounding). That was a fun one.

Later on, I returned to do Club 91. I was in a drum n'bass mood, so I pulled out favorites, including some I've never played before, and I was smooooookin'! I really dig the energy of good drum n'bass, especially my favorite type...liquid soul. The faster BPM makes mixing the music easy. I enjoyed that one, too.

And guess what? I recorded them both for you to listen to and judge for yourself!

I'm too lazy-assed to do several post links, so to Club 91's Myspace Blog to download the shows (playlists included). That's two, two, two 2-hour mixes in one day. Yeah bwooooooy!

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