29 October 2007


Back in SLO there was a store that used to pull in some sick prints every once in a great while, and I picked up a Grenade shirt with an onslaught of missles all around the bottom of the T. It was right when all-over prints started gettin' some game play and the SLO town was startin' to smell like the same thing over and over again... My army green Grenade (they don't make this print any more) was like Trainwreck on the weekends, some sick shit. I was really into grafitti and throwin' shit up around town. I was frequenting ArtCrimes and have recently been catching up. Tangent: This weekend someone asked me if I was a Black Panther. Here's TomoZ from Forli, Italy.

My commute to work puts me past about 15 -20 different pieces from Twin Peaks to 2nd Street/80 East aka Bay Bridge (via 18th street to Mission). I'm basically getting to see most of the writers from Castro, Mission, and Downtown everyday on my way to work. This is something I've always enjoyed about being in SF, there's grafitti everywhere! I don't have a digital camera yet (I know, I live in the stone ages), but once I do, I think I'll take it upon myself to do some cataloging of my favorite pieces around this town. Heres an artist from France that goes by the name of Nasty. For those in the know, I alter ego as The Nasty when I'm feelin' dark techno. Speaking of which, Foniks let me know that he's puttin' together a mix tape entitled (Don't Exercise Near Animals. He asked me for a few drops and I can't wait to hear what he's got in store for us. Be on the lookout LA, Foniks is gonna teach you how to work it out!

DoesOne from Sittard, Holland:

FifteenFrames from London, United Kingdom:

Hombre and Juice from Germany and Switzerland

Back in SLO, Reverend Nero, Foniks, and I somehow met up with Juice; Mixmaster Mikes brother and Doze Green Collaborator. He hooked up with posters, music, art, websites, and home movies of him hanging out with Scratch Pickles crew in Daily City. It was quite amazing. When we met, we went over to his house out in Grover Beach (of all places...) and it was like being in those grafitti books you get at Urban Outiffters, TRUE SF, KidRobot toy stores, and the biggest hip-hop catalog anyone has ever seen... all at the same time. We chickened out when he asked if we wanted to go writing with him one night... we must have been high. Anyways, we even got to see some origional artwork still in the making that was going to be displayed out in a gallery in NYC. Doze's characters are easily recognizable on his own, but his gallary work is filled with icons and symbols attributed to Juice. It was such a great pleasure to have met him and for him to share his lifes work with us. Here's a vid from last year featuring Doze going bonkers at Fifty24SF.

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