21 September 2007

Spread the Love

Alrighty peoples! The world is not coming to an END! *Whew* Its too bad though because I was really hoping the meteorite (of which scientific officials actually denied exstence) that landed in PERU actually caused a "mysterious" illness to affect some 600 individuals. It would have been M.Chriton's Andromeda Strain come to life. Alas. But lets pretend it DID cause a mysterious illness and there was nothing our Earthly medicine or science could do to prevent it... everybody dying from headaches, nausea, and sore-throats... its like the Freshman year of college from hell! Mass hysteria was to blame for the individuals who came down with the symptoms of this mysterious illness. I bet there would be mass hysteria at the "We're all gonna die!" party people would be having. Imagine that... a gigantic going away party for everyone on earth due to a strange space disease. I bet music festival organizers or rave promoters would be all over that theme! At least earth's destruction wouldn't have been cause by these guys! But imagine how cool that would have been...

At least I was able to see Switch (1/2 of Solid Groove with Jesse Rose and label owner of Dubsided Records* DON"T SLEEP) and Diplo (Maddecent) at the Mezzanine last saturday night. The first time I heard a Switch Set was his live recording from earlier this year that Mawkus sent to me. Awesome. I saw Diplo @ coachella 2 years ago and that shit was sick too! Oh man, place was packed, the music was pumpin, what a great night! On friday night, I saw Simian Mobile Disco and Boyz Noize at the Mezz and that shit was off the hook too! Ran into Jay James and Club Meineke there, gettin' crunk wit it, gettin' loose wit it. I dunno if they let bruce bruce hit it, though. Anyways, the bay is blowing up this month. This weekend is Lovefest 2007. The list of DJs is crazy long! Can't miss.

Purple Crush - My Ookie

Kanye West - Strong (A-Track Remix)

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