26 September 2007

San Diego could definitely use more booty bass

This was taken at the Institubes show in LA. Clearly, the bunnies were running wildly as Para One amped the crowd with his mask. It was definitely an amazing show, especially with how much energy those French kids brought it. I particularly liked DJ Orgasmic's set the most, given how he just destroyed everything with his trigger pad. The highlight was when he just upped the bpm's midway through his set and dropped some serial ghettotech. He played one particular track that made me want to call up a friend by the name of Curtis Vodka.

Curtis Vodka - Back That Thang Up Hoe

I remember when I hung out with him this summer when he was on tour and we were talking about air travel and how he hated flying planes. I told him he should just listen to his iPod and he said, "it won't help my anxiety much when all I have to listen to is booty bass and ghettotech." Currrrrtisssss! If you're in Europe in October, go catch one of his shows while he's on tour with the dude that makes the illest mixtapes, DJ Benzi. Shout outs to Flufftronix for launching his Daft Crunk parties in Indy this weekend!

Anyway, I'll try to update more now since I'm settled down here in San Diego. Expect another glossy mix to get flossy to!

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