15 February 2012

Unconventional Science new album + remix album w/ a Foniks joint

Holy Guacamole w/ cilantro perogi! My good homie Unconventional Science recently dropped his new album "Open W/ Emotion." As an added bonus, he's freshly released an entire album of remixes from fellow producers both stateside and abroad. There's also a joint on there w/ treatment from yours truly, Foniks. Support this fellow beatmaker in arms as he just got back from touring SE Asia and living in India. You can cop both albums on Bandcamp:


Good future news: We'll be hopping the pond in fall for a European tour and then on to Asia, that's the plan at least. Hustlin to raise those funds son. Oh, and I forgot to say Unconventional Science will also be hitting the road w/ K-the-i??? for a US/Can tour. Big tings in 2012.

Peep both the OG and the Remix affair!

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