19 January 2012

H U A C H I N A N G O - Just Loco & The Colonel

Here's a hot one from ya boy & boss man Colonel MC. If you're in to unfamiliar, The Colonel represents and residents for San Francisco's premier & Internationally respected Drum & Bass collective; Compression. Residents also include DJ's Aye-N, Mal, Lukino, Sharp, and Danny The Wildchild. They've got a two times bi-weekly event called Stamina. In English: basically the best D&B out right now for FREE and its 18+ twice a week.

Compression is also connected to Sublife Recordings and the World Of Drum and Bass mix / party series. That being said, The Colonel needs no introduction because reputation precedes him. He was also resident at my GoldSweat monthly at [then called] Triple Crown. Mandated to be wicked all around.

As always, mix was recorded live on a fogged in Saturday afternoon in the Sunset. It was then sent over to the Lower Haight for a talking-too over champagne toast. A step aside from your 'typical' bass fodder but definitely a step in the right direction considering how much fun the replay value is.

Panteros666 - Javeloticone (Luckybeard Remix)
Wheez-ie - Keep Yer Chin Up (Salva Remix)
Raziek - I Can Do It
Kingdom - Hood By Air Theme
Jam City - Magic Drops
Mexicans with Guns - Deities
Kidnap Kid - Losing It (B-Ju Remix)
LDFD - Twerk It
Dro Carey - Lose My Head
Bambounou - Divided By Zero (Ikonika Remix)
Raffertie - Twitch (It Grows & Grows)
Kode9 w/LD - Bad


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