19 January 2011

Fusion Batches

Finally! The dude of all left coast DJ dudes aka DJ Morse Code finally uploaded his two infamous Fusion Batches mixtapes. I have no idea how hard I looked for these and asked friends if they had any leads to copping them but it seemed like I'd never get them into my possession. Even meeting Morse Code at the Do-Over over the summer and asking him what the deal was with those tapes, he said they'd be re-upped soon and he was in the process of making a third. Anyway, I definitely recommend you download these two mixtapes and listen to them when you're getting cozy with the homegirl Mary Jane or any one of your homegirls in general. They're full of a lot of pristine cuts and syrupy jazz-funk that drips with that yum. High-ly recommended listening!

Fusion Batches 1:

Fusion Batches 2:

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