14 November 2010

Club 91 on KCPR with Guest DJ Sean Crandal from People, Inc.

First of all, the October 30th set with guest DJ Athelias was lost due to some tech-related shenanigans with the recording server. He'll return to the show sometime in 2011.

Meanwhile, on this episode of Club 91 we have DJ Sean Crandal making his debut appearance to the KCPR studio. He's been at the local DJ game for awhile, whether it's participating as a DJ or organizing events through his event outlet, The People, Inc.

The show was started a little late, plus unfortunately a bit of the tail end of the show, about roughly 15 minutes, was lost. If anything had to be lost, it was about a couple of songs. But we also had a good bookend interview that was also lost, but you'll get to listen to a little bit of him speaking a few words at the start of the show.

Time to move on; enjoy the mix!

(Be sure to right- (or ctrl-) click on the blog title to download the show.)

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