20 July 2009



So me and Mawkus went to go see Emynd for the 'More on the Floor' event just southeast of the Fashion District in Downtown LA. We got there a little after midnight expecting it to be packed. Los Angeles musta been sleeping because there weren't nearly as many people as there should've been. Half the people didn't even look as if they knew who the fuck Emynd was (sucks for them). Anyways, we went into the loft/warehouse space and watched Mike B spin for a little. We noticed the man from Philly was chillin right near the bar so we went to go chat it up. First impression: Emynd is one cool-ass dude. He didn't give off any type of cooler-than-thou vibe and was generally appreciative that we had come out to see him. I'm sure he would've been more appreciative had we been two hot chicks, but we're not, so whatevs. Anyway, it turns out that he's got a day job which takes him to France on occasion, he gets booked a few times a month and stays on his grind the rest of the time. Sounds like a pretty fuckin sweet life to me: good job, getting paid to DJ, and traveling.

The vibe definitely went up a few notches when Emynd stepped behind the decks. He effortlessly started dropping his heat all over the motley assemblage of dancers on the floor (a good chunk of which Mawkus said looked like they came from a gay wedding...I'll let you visualize that on your own). The first hour was mainly Bmore/Philly and he dropped it down while still keepin it hype with the club rap for the second hour. I couldn't tell you how many exclusive tracks there were, or if he dropped any, but it was all dope. He even departed from the Dirty South and played Luniz 'I got 5 on it.' He got some Bay points for that. Despite the less than ideal turnout, it was a great show. Emynd is a dope DJ and a really nice guy, so if you haven't heard about him, check him out:



My suggestion would be to pick up the Crossfaded Bacon EP on Turntablelab.com. One side for Emynd, and one side for his homie Bo Bliz (who you should also peep). You could practically DJ a whole set with doubles of this record. Check out the websites above for the rest of his discography and info. Next time he's in your town DON'T SLEEP (I mean you LA)!!!!!!


emynd said...

Thanks for coming, dudes. I had hella fun regardless. Hope y'all did too!


emynd said...

By the way, I played a ton of exclusive stuff and a ton of my own stuff.