18 June 2009

Loves Gonna Getcha / Green Velvet Saturday

All June Birthday's are free this month as Dj Marlino turns 1 year older.
Stylish attire required. No Sports Gear.
Free on guestlist b4 11pm.
Guestlist: lovesgonnagetcha09@gmail.com

Temple Room//Hip Hop & Dancefloor Classics
Dj Mel (Segue/Osiris)
Dj Marlino (Da5FootaFunk)
Dj Strategy (Mixtape/Good Company)

Fireside Lounge//Funky Soul. Classics
Teeko (4OneFunk)
J-1 (Animal Kingdom LA)
Just Loco (Goldsweat/Sweded)
*I'll be spinning early (10 - 1130) so I get to catch Green Velvet @ Mezzanine...


...after Poleng Lounge...

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