15 June 2009

Local Love

After a moderately eventful weekend filled with Tormenta Tropical Cumbia, Valencia Street Cigarettes, tons of Sunday Sunshine, a Haight Street Fair (all love yo!), special surprise visit from Foniks, and a very intimate and special B.Rich live set @ Underground SF, I got some Local Love to share. I was recently featured with a guest mix for Apache Cleo. They're a phat-hot duo rockin' that fresh ablteton grime-step two-house electro-more sound popular amongst local watering holes and hipster run-off. But don't get your shit twisted, they're definitely not one to blend in. Their live sets & recorded mixes are always refreshing amongst those stagnant in predictable rotations. Dada Nite & Twisted Scissor should not be slept on as they're emerging out of their alien cocoon with unknown white light behind them. Don't forget to keep up on their blog, as they've also posted a mix from DreDay (Solid Bump). Anyone else interested in getting a mix heard, send'em a message.

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