28 May 2009

Our Mangrove Roots

Hey all,

In case anyone wonders what KCPR used to look like, check out these pics. A great and wonderful friend of mine sent these to me today. She took them before the radio station was gutted and relocated to the third floor of the Graphic Arts building. Now kids can smoke in the stairwell and only worry about peeps coming up, not coming down.

If you look close, you can see flyers made for the Robot Party (BEST FUCKIN' PARTY ANYONE HAS EVER NOT KNOWN ABOUT), the R Party and The Alice in Wonderland Party. Those were the last of their kind, as the ol' heads graduated and the new young crowd came in with their Facebook and their Proactive and NuRave Electro bullshit. I will say this, we were literally the only one's in the whole central coast who loved Ed Banger long before all the Frat Boys and Soro-Hoes play it when they're keg-standing and promoting underage drinking through initiation. Oh yeah, you can kind of see the poster for One AM Radio. They came and played at the now defunct Dwelling back in the day and it was awesome. Daedelous showed up with his prototype drum machine and blew all 13 of us in attendance away.

Yup thats vinyl. Yup, we still got sent MAD wax. Yup, thats a ladder because the best albums were those you found running in 5 minutes late to your show between classes.

I think we had the FCC walk through that door into the MCR and probably give KCPR the biggest scare in our 65 year history. I remember that year being the year of the whip, as the music directors, general manager, and business directors all cracked it hardcore. We made all the necessary changes and proved that KCPR was a viable and respectible club at Cal Poly, despite their relentless silent treatment of us during my years as a DJ.

The station has alot of memories for a shit load of DJs, and I don't think any of us will forget it. KCPR was the first home to Weird Al Yankovich, as his first single was recorded in the bathroom across the hall. I don't know if many have actually recorded there since, but I always felt I touched history every time I sat on that porcelain throne.

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the said...

Wow, thanks for that. I still have some of those taco/shredder stickers...haha.

what happened to all the vinyls? spent a lot of hours timing that shit.

kcpr 90-93