06 February 2008

For The Grown & Sexy

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I couldn't decide to post any other realer music than Sade. I remember back when I was younger and my sister would blast her albums or when in the car, she'd threaten me with my life if Sade was playing on the radio and I wanted to change the station. I was never into Sade up until much later in my life when I matured and had some magical glacial epiphany the first time I really listened to "Is It A Crime". The song totally blew my mind. My sister knew what was up. Anyway, I'll leave you with some of my favorites. Homegirl was a model and could really sing...

Sade - Is It A Crime (Download Link)

This song changed my life and made me fall in love with Sade.

Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix) (Download Link)

This song is so necessary. So so necessary. There's plenty of Sade remixes out there but this one is way more necessary than the others.

Ben Double M - Something Like Jezebel [Daft Sade Blend] (Download Link)

I wasn't sure how I felt about this blend but it grew on me. It really did.


Foniks said...

The Ben blend makes me want to get freaky in unknown ways. Holy shit...this is some serious grab your woman and make a love montage on the spot vibe. It's only five minutes long, but you can pretend you took your time. If you don't have a woman, time to lay it on the one you want.

Foniks said...

This is on blast at my workstation while I'm at my job. The people need to know what's up. Sometimes, I wish that honeys would magically appear when I play these tracks. Then, I realize that won't happen and I go back to wishing I was somewhere else, mainly between the sheets body talkin.