06 December 2007

Makin' It Rain Till The End of the Year!

I can't wait till the quarter is over. I'm so ready for winter break. I've been immersed in school all the while maintaining the musical grind. Shout outs to my homeboy Matt K. for hooking me up with his scratch mixer. It hasn't helped me at all with the school part of my life but practicing my chirps and flares when I should be studying has been way worth it. Anyway, I'll leave you all with some songs that have been on heavy rotation. Find me listening to these when I'm high on caffeine in the library at school...

The Undisputed Truth - Walk On By (download link)

I don't know how many covers exist of this song but this one is my favorite. I'm sure you'll figure out who sampled this version.

El DeBarge - I Call Your Name (download link)

This is probably my favorite song in the history of the universe right now. No one can fuck with El DeBarge. They're so real, they make me want to get a jeri curl. No joke. I'm so serious. The intro alone is so epic. And I'm sure you'll also figure out who sampled this one as well.

Pilooski - Love is Wet (download link)

This song is so chill. Pilooski is such a fiend for his edits. All those French electro kids need to take notes on his production style because he takes it to a different level. Troof.

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