09 December 2007

Club 91 - A Broken Tribute to Goya Distribution, UK

A few weeks ago, a UK vinyl distributor called Goya closed its doors. With its closing comes an interesting chapter in the nu-jazz/broken beat scene. While the music continues to find its audience, a major player's closure means a vital pipeline has now been cut.

I feel that somehow, the music will continue to get out there. Hopefully, other distributors will take up the slack and put out the CD's and the wax. Many breakthrough labels in the scene such as Bitasweet, Laws of Motion, Fluid Ounce, People, Papa Recordings, Earthproject, and Neroli among others made Goya their home base. Time will tell what's to become of them in the future, but one moves forward.

So this week, I was inspired to do a mix as a tribute to Goya. I felt it was even more fitting, since I ended up accidentally leaving my Serato records at home. Good thing I've pulled out loads of vinyl for this mix, which includes labels that Goya has distributed over its 10-year existence.

And the playlist goes like this...
  • Quango - Trash Da Junk (Dub)
  • Soul Dhamma - Flower (Scuba Underwater Garden Dub)
  • I:Cube - Adore (King Britt's Scuba Remix)
  • Shades of Soul - Give In To Me (4 Hero Remix)
  • Neon Phusion - It's Another
  • Give It All (Instrumental)
  • Agent K - Ladies (Maddslinky Remix)
  • Rima - This World (2000 Black Excursion)
  • Polar Pair vs. Maddslinky - Over My Head
  • re:jazz - Cupid & Orlando (Jazztronk Remix)
  • Voom:Voom - Ginger & Fred
  • Moonstarr - Greed (Remix)
  • ? - ??
  • Afronaught - Golpe Tuyo Calinda (Nauts Club Mix)
  • Bugz in the Attic - Zombie 2003
  • ? - ??
  • Cuica - Trommel Monster (Pete Herbert Remix)
  • ? - ??
  • 4 Hero - Hold It Down (Bugz in the Attic Remix)
  • NSM - DJ Power (Blacktonez Remix)
  • Double Identity - Can't Explain (Titonton Duvante's All On A Sunday Mix)
  • Big Bang - Higher (Alex Attias Altitude Remix)
  • Kaidi Tatham - Betcha' Did (Son of Scientist Remix)
  • Solid Groove - Flookin' (Solid Groove Remix)
  • Eddy Meets Yannah - Shamed (Domu Remix)
  • Domu - Dangerous Times (Badbwoy Mix)
  • Simbad - Fever (Remix)
  • Koop - I See A Different You (Innocent Sorcerers Remix)
Have a listen, and enjoy the mix.

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