19 December 2007

Love Sweet Sound

Now its been a long minute since I've posted last and I don't have any excuses. It's been a Loco year and its finally coming to an end. Velanche and Urban Landscapes are having their 10 year blowout party down in LA LA Land on January 4 and you know its gonna blow up! Hella DJ's and a band and its free! There ain't no excuse not to go. Congratulations Velanche! A decade behind you and you've got a lot (his room overflows with records, CDs, promos, exclusives, equipment, and magazines its crazy) to show for it.

This new track by Groove Armada has been on major repeat in the stereo on my commute accross the bay everyday. I love it! Its so heavy and deep and funks like the junk in my trunk (soccer bag + 3 weeks of laundry left in the sun). The remix by Mark Knight and Funkagendas extends it about 2 minutes and will deffinetly keep the floor hot and sweaty.

Hey DJ's, can I make a request for Velanche's 10 year party?

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