19 December 2007

"Freakshow on the dance floor, is that you I smell?"

Since being home for winter break, I've come back to some of my old favorite music videos from back in the day. These videos hold mad memories for me. Check 'em.

Ian Pooley is one of the realest dudes in dance music. This record is hard to find in the states because it was only commercially released in Europe but those that have it know it's ever so golden. It makes me wanna go wander the streets of Barcelona all over again. Shout outs to 2001 for having me put this on repeat erryday.

Another classic by Ian Pooley. He's got that definitive house sound that he captivates beautifully with his vocalists. Dude knows what's up when it comes to capturing the right scenario for his songs too. Man, I want to go to South America so bad.

Probably one of the greatest songs ever given to us by the funk phenomenon known as Armand Van Helden. I remember I had this song on repeat when his album, Killing Puritans, came out. As tribute, I realize I need to start telling girls that I'll house them when they're in my hut. No joke.

This song isn't old since it came out within the past year but I just really like it because it illustrates one of the facets that makes Defected Records one of my favorite labels. It's all about this remix using real strings!

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Foniks said...

Ain't no half-steppin on the 3D modeling. Look at them lighting effects. I'm probably the only one to dork out on the technical aspects of the first video