30 November 2007

Sexual Eruption

Holy shit, Mawkus told me to check this out and it's been eating my brain away. Sexual Eruption (Sensual Seduction for the radio) is some slick Snoop shit on Prince-Biter status. The auto-tune vocals? Girls love that shit. That butter beat (w/ 808s on the breakdown it sounds like?)? Peanut Butta fo' sho. The video is ridiculous and even has that 70s vibe to it. If Snoop does more of this slickness, who knows what other rappers are gonna start doin. All I know is if you don't smell a remix for this track, you need a checkup. The 12" better have an acappella. Since Mawkus is all up on DJ Benzi's balls, I should mention that Benzi has an edit up on www.low-bee.com (among other sites most likely) with drums over the intro and a shortened up track over all. Go on...get a nice bottle of wine, roll that broccoli, get your jimmy hats, and have yourself a Sexual Eruption with your lady. Sizzlin....

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