15 October 2007

Slam Dunk

I love these kicks. Hella bought these at the now defunkt Copeland's Sports in Modesto. I was up on the flashy kicks before kids knew flashy kicks were hip. You shoulda seen the looks I got when I wore these with shorts! Now everybody and their moms got kicks with colors like mine. I've even seen a bum down in the 'loin wearin some beat-up Nike Dunk Highs. Quite the trip.

Last Thursday, October 11, 2007 The Reverend Nero Ceasercelebrated his 24th Birthday.Moshi Moshi (Located in the Protreo Neighborhood) was a bomb ass sushi restaurant with the freshest fish in town. Its said that the best seafood chefs in the city buy their fish not far from this restaurant. I've known Nero before the Bay has known Nero as Nero, so that makes me a Roman too, right? Anywho, hella heads up in his place, too much weed up in his face, late at night invade his space, you wouldn't even know if he invades your space. Reverend Nero & Kae Hope are the Wrong Hands.
"Ooooh. Damn. Devious plan. Its not the right, this is the wrong hands!"

Found this shit on youtube. I wanna see some kids in the bay do this shit.

New B-more track courtesy of Palms Out Sounds.

Last but not least, shouts to Michelle Musical for holding it down over at the X Y Z bar Tuesdays for Windustry Night 6-10pm. Swanky is the name and martini's are the game for this downtown hotspot. Sounds like a great place to meet after work for some happy hour drinks and fresh beats. Her myspace page boasts her expansive resume and history. Maybe she's got a few tips for the Decknicians on how to get some gigs in our cities. Whatcha' say DJ? Residencies are on our list of goals for the west coast.

181 3rd Street, SF CA. Windustry Night 6pm-10pm. Free Burgers and Pizza!

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