11 October 2007

Rant for Rent

Alrighty. Someone help me understand why bad dj's get big gigs. It bugs me. Are they all bark but no bite. Do they only perform well @ their dive-bar weekly? whats the deal? I'm sorry, but Jefrodisiac and Richie Panic sucked. If this is any reflection of what their weekly Frisco Disco @ the Transfer (Church @ Market SF), I don't think I want to go. But its where all the 'sters go to be scene and hip. DJ OMAR layed out a great opening set 9:30-10:30. I have always been a bit skeptical about Popscene's Resident DJ, but last nights opening set was fabulous. He strayed away from the "Pop Scene" that Jefrodisiac and Richie Panic attempted to exploit, keeping it real for the heads and true ravers. Frisco Disco is poppin', but @ what cost? Check it out and see for yourself Saturday Nights @ the Transfer (198 Church Street (between 14th St & Market St.

The suprise guest for the night was a rompin' dj set from Ed Banger label-mate DJ Mehdi. Frisco Disco had totally made me loose my buzz and the Midnight Juggarnauts sent me to space... I needed something to bring back in the mood for Justice. DJ Mehdi killed it like commuters on I-880: (http://www.nbc11.com/slideshow/news/14318932/detail.html)
When DJs throw down sets like his, where the mixing is solid and the track selection is flawless, everyone in the crowd just feels it. I can remember people coming to up to me at a DJ competition I had entered into and told me that the crowd really got into my music (of which I was the only Dance/house/electro/bmore/sleaze-hop track selector) when I got into my music. DJ Mehdi was dancing like he was in the crowd and the audience responded. Fuckin' great set.

Here's his "Signature (Thomas Bangalter edit)"video:

What can I say about Justice? Heavenly. I especially liked what they were playing about 45 minutes into their set. They brought it back to some classic French house shit. There was a row of us in the back going completely nuts while everyone around us stopped dancing to get another drink. The heavy shit don't weigh me down, it lifts me up. Fuck cowbell, give me more bass!!! And their encore was just dope with their cut up slayer sample timed up into some BPMs that could have very easily been mixed in the DJ Funk's remix of Waters of Nazareth. DOOOOOPE! I loved it. Now I really need to get me a black leather jacket.


Anonymous said...

agreed frisco disco djs must stop, it is disgusting and insulting to san francisco. plus they do nothing new. btw those gigs they get are thrown at them there is no way in hell they are booking those acts.

Loco said...

how do we get gigs thrown at us? all the Decknicians have live performance experience 4 years deep. cingularly sound, plurally profound!

Anonymous said...

If you own a sidekick, can post 1 million myspace bulletins a minute, and maybe suck a little mezzanine dick you can get all the gigs you want. all flash and no flavor. where has the soul gone in dance music???

Thanks for speaking your mind on this...

"An apathetic public couldn't care less!" - subhumans

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Yeah, why aren't I djing these events, dang it! Hahaha!