28 August 2007

Smells Good

Like many of us, some days start off better than others. Today wasn't one of those days for me. Usually it takes about an hour to get to work from front door to desk chair. Thank god for the Copper Shuffle to make this mornings less humid. Muni tends to be about 20 degrees warmer during morning commutes, and today it reminded me of the movie I watched last night with my friends the Photographer and Nero. I deffinetly recommend Perfume: Story of a Murderer for a fun filled night of stench and suspense. Speaking of suspense, back-to-school is now and that means HELLA shows coming up.

First up is Robot Rock, VHS or Beta, Walter Meego and the INSTITUBES tour featuring Para One, Surkin, Curses!, and Orgasmic. This lineup is stacked heavy f'sho! For those who can't remember, Surkin was featured on the Justice EP with his Waters of Nazarath remix. Walter Meego has been a favorite of mine since the Hollywood single came out (KCPR kids check the special format drawers, we've had it for a minute!). Don't forget about Jefrodisiac & Richie Panic warming up. Frisco Disco on Church is blowin' up. Friday September 14.

Yeah boy!!! Simian Mobile Disco with Boys Noize. Waming up Dave P & JDH. I think I'll be back from my family cruise to the carribean then and if I haven't sweat enough from vacationing during hurricane season, I can really get wet at this show. Boys Noize and SMD have been major players in the disco/electro scene and this show is not one to be missed. Friday September 21.

Last but not least is the show I've been waiting for... Diplo & Switch with Eric Sebastian. Velanche Stewart was the first to turn me on to Solid Groove (Of which Swith aka Dave Taylor is 1/2 of with Jesse Rose) with their remix of Pete Pong's: "Pest". ("Mutha Fuckin' Tight") Since then, Dubsided records have been frequenting my 12" crate and I can't get enough. CAUTION! This show may cause spontaneous clapping, baile-ing, twitching, hooting, kissing, grinding, raving, and otherwise extraordinary activity. "Glitch-house" has been taking over the dance scene hardcore and there seems to be no stopping it. My brotha-from-anotha-motha Mawkus sent me a link to Switch live in Budapest early this year and I swear I listening to it religiously for about 3 months. He made me want to be a DJ again. I had the opportunity to see Diplo at Coachella a few years ago. His DJ set was reallyreallyreallyREALLY fun and that year he had a second appearance with M.I.A. No doubts his worldly travels will truely make your booty shake. Saturday September 22.

Don't sleep peoples! I know its back-to-school but come on... you can't spend your weekends waiting for class to start! Here's a track combining two of the artists mentioned in this posting. I'll be posting links to more audio in the future, and hopefully some mixs. We'll see about exclusives...

Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (Switch Remix)

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