18 October 2011

Loco's SoulHall Vol.2 Mixtape

So I've decided to do a mix a month for a year. Inspired somewhat by Chrissy Murderbot and his infamous mix a month 2010, but more along the lines of my actually posting all of the mixes I record on my own time, for my own personal pleasure. All of us Decknicians were instilled with the idea that the only way you can get better is to take time to stop and listen to yourself. We now never go anywhere without some sort of digital recorder and you can find us posting audio to a bunch of stuff all the time.

 I'm starting this mix a month year with a continuation of my SoulHall mix series. Volume 2. Enjoy and see you next month!

Romanowski - Days and Daze
Diesler w/Stan Lee - Mr. Nice
Joe - Twice
Jade - Thank You (Cosmic Soulfrika Remix)
Avant - Seperated (Jorge Takei Remix)
Julian Jonah - Jealousy Lies
Debbie Deb - Funky Little Beat
Osborne - Wait a Minute
Jensen Sportag - Mapquest

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