15 June 2011

GuMMyBeAR + Loco live recording from BOOZE WAZI 6.11.11 (Radio, Oakland CA)


ere's the live recording of the last bit from Booze Wazi, one of my favorite parties to play in Oakland. The willingness and desire for something 'different' in a club night ebbs out the front door of this party. Gummybear is basically the fucking shit. The after party was MORE shitty. The Town is still getting better than The City.

GuMMyBeAR 0:00 - 19:50
Loco 19:55 - end

*the recording was fucked up cause the mixer was fucked up and everyone broadcasted in MONO. Basically, it does it no justice in reflecting how much fucking fun we had that night. Also, let the stream simmer a bit before diving right in. Sound only out of 1 speaker (so don't try and burn it onto a CD to listen in your car, it'll sound even worse.)

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