15 February 2011

DJ Pound Mix for Ampsoul

So the good homie DJ Pound made this mix over the weekend for Ampsoul and it's full of that heavy in-your-face offensive beat shit, like the kind of music your parents would tell you to turn down or off completely. But on the real, if there's one dude who's been doing beat shit for a while reppin' San Diego hard, it's DJ Pound. Being one of the major DJ taste-makers in America's finest city, this mix definitely demonstrates his versed prowess in musical beatology (yeah, I just made that word up) as well as DJ showmanship with his technique. Moreover, he's also got a split 7-inch coming out soon with the other good homie eLan who I've blogged about before on here. Anyway, give this mix a listen and make sure you have your bass turned up.

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