09 December 2010

CA to CO to SF

The spaceship lands on December 18th, 2010 in Denver, CO. Me & the homie Unconventional Science are going to bring a little love from LA to the Mile High City @ a little place called Rhinoceropolis. If you know anyone in Denver, tell them to come through!

From CO I fly to SF after xmas and will be there till the 4th. I am available for booking, impromptu sidewalk bangin, etc. since I'll have my MPC, Microkorg, and a bag of stank ass wax. I will rock your face off so you can't see me rock your girls pants off.

A little slice from myself (Foniks):
So Much by Foniks

A remix by Unconventional Science:
the leaves (remix by unconventional science) by carsandtrains
For more info visit:

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kyle kyte said...

why don't we get shows like this in LA?