11 May 2010

Black Helicopters

Everybody remember Non Phixion??? Remember how this album rocked, and then the Green DVD came out and you expected them to talk about everything they rapped about, but instead they talked about boobs, drugs and how Ill Bill used to put his junk on old ladies as a Chip'n'Dale dancer? I know our good friend Reverend Nero was disappointed after his Green DVD purchase (you should go to his bar, The Broken Record, in the Excelsior and buy him a drink). This shit takes me back to freshman year of college when you could download songs at light speed 'cause there would only be 14 kids on a closed network with HELLA gigs to share. Anyways, this album is certified dope and I've been seeing increased helicopter/air activity in the skies lately. Keep your eyes open and critical kids; always ask questions. You never know if and when those birds are gonna land ready to flash heat.

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