13 April 2010

Dimethyltryptamindedness 2.0 Beta

So it's definitely been a minute since I last posted. I've done some mixes, got a shit ton of new music and have thoroughly exercised my pineal gland since then. Let me start by putting you up on the two mixes I've done.

Long Motion is all that early 80s jheri curl goodness that rounds out to 40 minutes. Listen to this when you're pre-gaming for a girl or the club or both. It'll make your hair drip. Oh and rest in peace to Woody Cunningham of Kleeer and Malcolm McLaren of W.F.S.T.

Glass Candy Intro
Shazam - Luckier (2008)
Kleeer - Intimate Connection (1984)
Patrice Rushen - Feels So Real 12" (1984)
High Fashion - Love (1983)
Feel - Let's Rock 12" (1982)
BB&Q Band - Dreamer (Shep's Dream Version) (1985)
Rome Jefferies - Good Love (1983)
Krystol - After The Dance Is Through 12" (1984)
Phase 2 - The Roxy (Paris to NY) (1982)
World's Famous Supreme Team - World's Famous (Radio ID) (1984)
Hiroshima - One Wish (1985)

Download here!

The next mix I put together was a follow up to the personal "Yo Girl, Spliff Me" mix series I've been doing. This is volume two on that same cerebREAL type tip-tip shit.

Shlomo - Spoons
Addled - Heartbreachno
John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine
Flying Lotus - Data Entry
Dimlite - Outernational Duet
Floating Points - Radiality
Mr. Beatnick - I Know All The Bitches (Simbad Slow Mix)
Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
Jose James - Blackmagic
Black Chow - Purple Smoke
Landau Orchestra - Wheel of Fortune
D├ębruit - Pure Check
Ras G - Overcast 78 Beat (Two)

Download here!

Now I wanna put you up on some exclusives I got from the homie eLan and his affiliates. He's a real ill beat fiend that runs with a lot of good LA and SD based producers.

I've had this track on repeat lately as it just kinda seductively melts into your brain on a frequency that reminds you of those girls you could have wrote a Craigslist missed connection about.

Here's another track but on some midnight cyphe sesh in your homie's ride driving aimlessly in East Hollywood, too blunted to change the beat because everyone is way on point with their rhymes.

And I just wanna call it out now that these songs will blow up the summer of 2010 because no one in California really cares about spring.

Two Bears - Mercy Time (Southern Fried)

Onra - Long Distance feat. Oliver DaySoul (All City)

And I cannot stop listening to Erykah's new album. This one has been on repeat for the last two weeks. REAL TAWK.

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extra thorough post. speakers on BLAST.