03 January 2010

Playin' Kinda Ruff by B.Cause

Fuck all the other shit right now because B.Cause is the fuckin' truth. Among all the slaps, bangers and blends this homie makes, his shit echoes all coasts. Serial CA all day Bay area demigod right here. I put all my Bay homies on his heavy sought-after Super Disco Hyphy tape down in SD and now they pre-game to that shit because it's like a funkier Rosary to getting faded to prevent themselves from seeing demons when they black out. All y'all need to cop this shit because if you like the Modern funk that heads like Dam-Funk worship and the realness that is OG when it comes to vocoder, this is a must. Everything and anything that comes from B.Cause is correct and a good look in your life! REAL TAWK.

Download / Listen: http://www.box.net/shared/nytj0sg3jt


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