24 August 2009

Energy 92.7 fm Ultimate DJ Competition ROUND 2!

Ultimate DJ 2009

Pre-liminary Round 1:
WINNER: Joel Eshabarr

Pre-liminary Round 2:
WINNER: Ash Cazzalli

Pre-liminary Round 3:
WINNER: Kayvan Vata

Pre-liminary Round 4:
WINNER: Natalie Lui

Pre-liminary Round 5:
WINNER: Marc Burrell aka DJ BlaQuest (Chubby Fingers)

Pre-liminary Round 6:
WINNER: Ryan Rosario aka Just Loco (GoldSweat)

Semi-Final Round 1:
Wednesday, August 26th
The Cafe
10pm - 12am

*Semi-Final Round 2:
Thursday, August 27th
Infusion Lounge
10pm - 12am
Just Loco competing this night!!!
Come and boogie down like you know you should...


Friday, August 28th
Ruby Skye
9:30pm - 11:30pm

1 comment:

Foniks said...

YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that SF! Loco bringing the pain.