03 July 2009

Happy Birthday Claude Vonstroke

I moved to San Francisco 3 weeks fresh off my BS degree and on the first Sunday of Dirtybird Records infamous park parties. I remember finally unloading the last box form the U-Haul and immedietly racing to Golden Gate Park for one of the best experiences in my life. I was a fan of the label all throughout college and frequently played Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, and Christian Martin tracks on Club91. I've been fortunate enough to have befriended J.Phlip, Dirtybirds leading lady and the definition of big things in small packages.

Last night, J.Phlip, Justin Martin, Catz and Dogz, and about 250 of their closest friends all came to Harry Denton's Starlight Room to celebrate Claude Vonstroke's Birthday. Let me tell you, this is a hell of a place to throw a fucking party. Located on the 21st floor of the Sir Frances Drake Hotel, you could see a pretty spectacular view of San Francisco's Union Square all the way out past Portrero Hill. There's something about having a party in a Hotel that brings me back to that enhanced sense of rebellion I haven't felt much since high school. You know, that feeling you get when you're making out with girls in the theater parking lot or sneaking into motel pools after hours and scrambling when the cops come. Except this time, its backed with too much booze and some serious hometown techno. One thing that is always refreshing about Dirtybird is their overwhelming sense of family. All of them are massive on their own, but when you get them all together in the city that they call home, its like welcoming back champions. Happy Birthday Claude Vonstroke! Thanks for having a fucking epic party!

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