04 June 2009


If you don't know by now, Dorian Concept is your new favorite producer....wait, fuck that....he's your new favorite musician. Straight outta Vienna, Austria this guy KILLS it on synthesizers. You can dickride Flylo, Samiyam and all the other Brainfeeder cats as much as you want, but when it comes to musicanship, this guy is the SHIT. Don't get me wrong, Brainfeeder is a solid crew, but most producers out right now have nowhere near the musical abilities this guy has. From a jazz point of view, this isn't the next best thing to sliced bread, but from a beat point of view, this shit is next level. While all the other beatmakers are pressing play, doing some version of trackmute, or twisting the filter knob on their midi controller, Dorian Concept basically just lets the beat play as he gets buck over the top with retarded keyboard skills. Producers take note: learn how to play a fucking instrument! Your productions will be richer because of this. I hope that this guy comes stateside sometime soon, because the beat scene is sorely lacking in 'live' material. Sure, you can watch producers and djs go nuts to a twisted bass line, but you ain't gonna see them effortlessly melt your face off with LIVE synthesizer work. Cop his album, 'When Planets Explode', out now on Kindred Spirits/ Nod Navigators. The album art and design are on point as well, with nice printing and a dope colorway that looks like you should rock your matching Air Max 90s while bumping this on your turntable at home. If you live in LA or near Pasadena, you can find this album in 'Ras G's picks' at Poo Bah's record shop I believe. To all those faking the funk and twisting knobs that ain't got shit to do with your sound equipment while performing live, watch this video (and all the other videos of Dorian Concept for that matter). This is way more entertaining than watching the standard, shitty quality youtube clip of a producer or dj and trying to figure out what they're doing. Chances are they aren't doing half the work that goes on this video, and this is him just 'messing around.' I'm gonna go aspire to be a better producer and musician, thanks Dorian Concept.


Loco said...
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Loco said...

damn. this post+vid just made my day. seriously, i can't stop smiling... i totally got those goosebumbs you get when your casual encounter tells you you're the best she's had in 'this' city... thanks for the education lesson!