19 May 2009

Free Chi

Soooooooo, decided to take a youtube lunch break and catch up on some much needed boobtube intranet. I remember the first summer home from college, I was all about the spliffs, french filtered house, and 90 degree nights. My girl, Bruce Wayne's Intern , totally schooled me on some serious rap/hip-hop knowledge with a burned CD of Chi Ali. Her whole family are clasically and ethnically trained musicians with an uncanny ability to channel intergalatic cosmic traditions and vegan electric signals into their instraments. I didn't take the CD out of my car for almost 9 months! Now, 6 years later, I regret lending it to the music directors at KCPR because I never got it back and they never added his album. Bastards. Regardless, enjoy the vids cause they take me back to being 19. Oh yeah, somebody tell Foniks to get that fuckin' FIREWIRE cable so I can game on some no joke video editing.

Chi Ali - Age Ain't Nothing But A #

Chi Ali - Roadrunner

Chi Ali - Funky Lemonade (video)

Chi Ali's Interview from Prison pt.1:

Chi Ali's Interview from Prison pt.2:

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