04 April 2009

URB Magazine Next 1000

I got selected for the URB Magazine NEXT 1000 Competition this last Tuesday. I need everyone and their grandmas to vote for me, so do your part and go to:
I'm warning you ahead of time that the site and the voting system suck, so bear with me. Click the 'Sign up Here' button and then click on my pic (Foniks). Listen to my track, and then vote (5 stars of course). You vote by clicking the stars (clicking the 5th star = 5 star rating). While your vote is not reflected immediately and there is no indicator that you just voted, I assure you, your vote went into the system. I think they tally and update the votes each day. Anyways, sign up multiple times with different email addresses and jockey between them casting as many votes as possible. Some of these other cats that are in the top movers section are definitely not PHF, so support my shit. Leave a comment if you like (it's the only way to know if you're signed in).

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