19 November 2008


You know it! GoldSweat is back. This month we're showcasing Ben Abstrakt (Rad Boys / BananasSF). Dude's on some serious dance-head game here. Think sweaty basement throwback parties for nu-raver godfathers and mothers. If that doesn't make sense, residents Just Loco and Belly Up will face fuck the sense into you. Woah. December 9th at The Matedor.

Below is the teaser artwork Belly Up was throwin' up like too much Tequila. Belly Up was recently featured in the New York Times science section a few weeks ago, keep on the know about dude's contracted/independent/no condom's cause he was "bred immune to disease" presence. Also, Going.com rsvp link below. Its Tuesday and there ain't no competition in the city that night, the next day is hump-day, so come get your foreplay on... there's just no excuse!

Don't let me catch you sleepin!


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