22 October 2008


I'm so fucking stoked for this. Like, you can't imagine. These fools got their shit on lock and I'm so excited its in SF. Underground SF, Lower Haight, TONIGHT! Shouts to Micky Konnect for workin' it! DON'T SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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j.phlip is debuting her first single/release on Dirtybird Records. Rumble Rumble came out Monday and Dirtybird has a new weekly on Wednesdays at Temple. If you're not going Bananas, get your Dirtybird on here.

Wednesday's the new Friday.

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BellyUp said...

See you there. Also I was just thinking about the "genre list". If you think about it, that's basically us, too. Minus Hip Hop. Cause fuck Hip Hop. oops.