23 September 2008

Don't be a Bitch

Basically, I'm kinda in love with Maggie Horn. I've always been a HUGE fan of Scottie B and now I've gone a blown my guilty pleasure wad. Nasty. Anyway, this track has been in my head and in my VUE player since snatching it from (?). This party better play it before this party gets to it first!

Scottie B feat. Maggie Horn - Wanna Whine

This track made Belly Up almost loose his shit on Jones and Geary. Right next to a cop car without a seatbelt on. Holding a baggie in his mouth shouting "You got a fat pussy I can see it in your pants!" Nuff said. You'll do the same. I'll pick you up on Leavenworth. Blaze Tripp on the real!

Outhere Brothers - Shake It (Blaze Tripp's Haunted House Remix)

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