15 September 2008

Here I Am...Again!

Yeah, so it's been a very, very long minute since I've posted here. For the most part, I've taken the summer off, or at least the rest of the summer after bailing for a break about mid-July. The music side has taken quite a bit out of me, plus I need to take a time out and do some reflection and the like. I still have a great deal of that to do, but I'm ready for fire up once again.

I've actually done a couple of Urban Landscapes shows, including a nice Isaac Hayes tribute special to commemorate a life taken too soon. His music, particularly during the period from 1969-1975, has been massively influential; many a hip-hop producer have sampled his music at one point or another. Do check out the show's site for that and more.

Also, I kicked off Club 91 once again the Saturday before last. I am planning to post my mix online sometime within the next few days, and I plan to have a new place where you can subscribe to, and download, Club 91 dance mixes. Also, Loco's killer mix from last Saturday's Club 91 is due to get cleaned up and posted, and he should make it available soon thereafter.

Look for another post or two from me later this week...peace.

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