03 April 2008

Park Party BBQ, Saturday Aprill 5. Meadow Park, SLO

Its spring and we're having a park party! If you're anywhere near the central coast, or don't have anything to do in LA or SF or Fresno or Monterrey or Salinas or Santa Maria or Santa Barbara or Bakersfield or Morro Bay or Cambria or Atrashcadero or "Darn Near Paradise"... then come down to SLO town and party with Loco, Velanche, Lacosse, and PrimeMover. We'll be playin' groovin' beats till the sun goes down, then turnin' it up a notch when the moon rises. Its rumored to be free beer and carnitas to go along with your tortillas and salsa... Afterwards, we're gonna invade downtown with our all day buzz and shut down some bars. Typical weekend. Also, if you can't make it, Club91 on KCPR (www.kcpr.org/listen live) will be playin' more funky shit while the party is till going. Damn. There's gonna be two phat parties goin' on at the same time from 7-9pm. Ill. SEE YOU SATURDAY! BRING YOUR OWN VEGGIES! BYOB! and don't forget your dogs!!!!!!!!!!

This one is for Mawkus. Check him down @ UCSD... he's the "DJ with the glasses and the Afro". I'm sure you wouldn't miss him. He said he's gonna have this song on repeat for the entire quarter. Fabulous!

Robin S vs. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Show me love vs. Be

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Mawkus said...

This track makes me feel emotional. Troof.