16 April 2008

BMore Mellow

Made this mix last night for a demo @ The Room (6th & Mission SF CA). No tracklisting, but its mainly bmore. Its a good mix for the commute home, bike ride to school, trek through the airport, waiting in line for splash mountain, or octagon prep. Enjoy! Hopefully, you'll be able to catch Loco and Belly Up @ the Room sometime soon in the future.

download: http://www.divshare.com/download/4271770-f70


Here's Lacosse (1/2 MiddleName) first remix! I'm diggin' on it... hope you are too! The world will deffinetly need to prepare themselves for MiddleName and Lacosse cause we're more of a threat than China!

Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (LaCosse Fishing with Chainsaws Remix)

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