23 March 2008

Snow High

So its been a minute since anyone has touched this spot and spring break has up and hit us upside the head like those hoods that took all that dope from that house down in SLO. Didn't hear about that? S'ok. SLO's all drama with their polytechics and greek stereotypes. Reverend Nero and I went out to SHINE (1337 Mission) Friday night. Worthy and Christian Martin blew that shit UP! Needless to say, Techno may have planted a seed in the hip-hop pallet of Ceaser. On a sharing tip, I think I need to get back into these sounds...

Ill Bill, Slain, And oh yeah, Everlast. You don't know what its like. Peep Jay-Z? He's only retired to have more fun. You can have a good time or get more done. S'what I've heard. This does so much more for me than "White Girls".


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