27 February 2008


222 Hyde. Friday, Feb 22 2008:

Dave Nada & DJ Loco

DJ Blaqstarr & Dave Nada

DJ Blaqstarr

DJ Blaqstarr and the breezy that jumped behind the decks and kicked the needle in the middle of DJ SEGA - Smack cause she powdered her nose too much.

Basically, 222 Hyde blew up in sweat! What a way to start 2008!!! I've been disappointed by the few DJ's I have seen live this year, but Blaqstarr, DJ Fame, and Dave Nada brought it back. Scene-sters sit the fuck down, ghetto club kids stand up!

Slide. XLR8R + Scion exclusive event: Monday Feb. 25, 2008

Middle Name

This was the SWITCH I've been waiting to see since I first heard his live mix from Budapest. You know the one... dropped way back in late 06 early 07. Ask Mawkus about it, he's the one who leaked it to me. Anyway, his set that night was great! Played the heavier shit that the true heads recognize and go crazy for. The system @ Slide (directly next door to Ruby Sky) was par none and probably the best system I've heard in the city next to Mighty (MSTRKRFT THIS SATURDAY SHOWCASING THEIR NEW SOUND SYSTEM).
Yes, the DJ setup was on top of an ivory piano. Yes, SWITCH downed half his drink in one gulp (see picture above). Yes, the nose blowers were dancing on the couches. Yes, I walked through a sea of kids outside who were bad mouthing the doorman only to proudly say, in front of all o' them, "I'm on the guest-list." Next time hipsters, next time.

DJ FUNK + DJ SEGA tomorrow in SD. Catch Mawkus in Cazals talking dirty to the hood rats.

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