21 January 2008


So this last Saturday was Bounce, put on by UCSD's DJ Club. We hit capacity at around 10pm with lines forming all over the place. The whole event was super insane with all these people strung out on various drugs and just utterly intoxicated. The sound system made me feel like I could've been in Brazil, with 15 bass bins alone in the main room. Since we ended up with a Red Bull sponsor at the last minute, everyone was tweakin' off the copious amounts of obtaining their wings. A lot of the DJs that played in the main room were afraid of the beefy Rane rotary mixer that was present.

I pretty much perpetually drooled at this mixer the whole night. Sadly, I didn't get to spin seeing as how I was too new to the club and wasn't a principle member, but there's always next year! In other news, everyone in San Diego is depressed about the Patriots beating the Chargers. But what other NFL team has a bad ass team song like THIS.

Loco posting: Video of Thee-O @ Let's Bounce 2008 UCSD!!!

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Loco said...

Dude, you gotta get the Decknicians in Next year! Our own room fo real!