30 September 2007


I really feel for Bonde do Role. Friday night's performance at the Independent couldn't have been or gone worse. The first band Magic Bullet did a great job warming up the early crowd. Locals from the city, their two guitarists reminded me of Eric Costello and a Luke Skywalker Bon Jovie lovechild. Second act Juiceboxx stepped it up a notch in a big way. Influenced beats tasting of classic house, hella booty bass, and rough electro from the 'hood, this drinking age bowl cut in cargo/khaki pants was my favorite of the night. I don't think he wanted to make the show just a staring contest at his picked last for dodgeball frame, he integrated the audience by making them scream into the microphone while questionably cling to the 12' speakers and jump on the backs of unsuspecting frat boys who couldn't keep their balance cause they'd been drinking too much too early in the night. Awesome. Someone find this kid and book him for a party in SLO! Bonde do Role made their entrance to 30 minutes of technical difficulties including complete audio termination in the middle of three different songs before finally retreating to DJ Omar's CDJs. Total bummer. Ice was thrown from the dissapointed crowd and by the time the CDJs started up, half the crowd was gone. They had confessed after the first meltdown that it had been Friday the 13th, with their luggage and equipment (laptop, RCA cords, and midi-control) not arriving at the airport and difficulties arriving at the venue. Tonight just wasn't their night. Discovered by Diplo and signed in on his Maddecent Label, this group has been making some major waves with their Portugese punk rock rythems and stage show that makes me wonder if that girl is gonna have Toejam and Earl babies.

Lovefest 2007 was mighty fun saturday. Arriving downtown just in time for the parade to start, we watched from a bus stop on 2nd @ Market. I swear we parked behind some dancers for the Pink Rhino float. Floats are judged and can win awards. Google that shit. I'm sure pics'll be online soon somewheres. Floats were funded and produced by local clubs, toyota scion, record labels, mark farina, and after parites. Thanks to Lacosse, Prime Mover, Chris Murphy, and Peters Father, 222 Hyde Street went off! Mothership in the House and you know that shits fat. CVS made a special appearance, I actually walked into the club right in front of him with record bag in tow. I swear this place was no bigger than Groppollos but the set list was as follows:

40 Thieves (Smash Hit, Redux)
Ryan Fitzgerald (Broker/Dealer, Ghostly Int.)
Monty Luke (Mothership Music, Demon Days)
Mochipet (Daly City Records)

Mochipet didn't show up because Claude Von Stroke closed out the night. I didn't get to see Ryan Fitzgerald or 40 Thieves... parking in the Tenderloin sucks worse than a crackhead hooker after a fix. F.Y.I. You can't park on mission between 7th and 8th after 2 am. YOU WILL GET A TICKET! Bitches. The Bliss Beat Brotherhood Reunion was well worth it though. Not to mention walking away with an EP and 3 vinyl singles from Ghostly International. Accents nicely with the $50 spent at Amoeba. I just have to say its very exciting having seen Claude Von Stroke so many times around the city at many of his events. He's a hard working DJ/Producer/Multi Label Founder that just doesn't stop. Dude walked himself to the club and home! Can you believe that he was one of 2006 breakout artists of the year?!? Damn dude, I wanna be a Dirty Bird!

www.mothershipmusic.com is his new label website. Label artists include Italoboyz, Monty Luke, Tasho, and CVS. I can see Peter's Dad jumpin' on that bandwagon.

Love Mix - Loco


Lauren said...

Its Elvis Costello. Not Eric.

Loco said...

1. Solid Groove & Sinden - Overbooked
2. Jimmy Edgar - Inner Citee Color Reprize
3. Jimmy Edgar - Beau
4. Moodyman - Answer Machine