02 September 2007

Bigga Bush Interview Now Available

Hey There!
Before I write about the Bigga Bush audio, I just wanted to give big shouts to Loco for continuing to push along his passion for dance music culture by creating this blog. I'm glad to be in good company. Also glad to have Mawkus on board this train; it should be a fun ride!

Last June, San Luis Obispo was very fortunate to have had respected UK producer and DJ Bigga Bush in town, thanks to some cool cats who were fans of his. Prior to the big event, we were able to get Bigga Bush to the KCPR studios for a one-hour interview. Asides from quality time on the mic, the music included everything from tracks during his Rocker Hi-Fi days to forthcoming tunes from his second Lightning Head album (LH is an alias of his).

Download the show by clicking on the post title above, and enjoy. Peace.

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